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Lenovo B50-80 LA-B092P Rev 3.0 Bios

Laptop Bios Bin (Ec&Main)
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Lenovo B50-80 Bios
Lenovo B50-80 LA-B092P Rev 3.0 Bios.rar
(2.73 MiB) Downloaded 526 times
Lenovo B50-80 LA-B092P Rev 3.0 Bios.rar
(2.73 MiB) Downloaded 526 times

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What Is Bios?
The BIOS is low-level software that is responsible for initializing the computer's hardware and providing basic instructions for the operating system to load.
The acronym BIOS means Basic Input and Output System. It is responsible for carrying out essential tasks, such as recognizing installed hardware, checking the time on the internal clock and initializing the operating system.
Without the BIOS, the computer would not be able to boot properly as it is the first software to run when the computer is turned on.

Mechanism Of BIOS In Computer Systems:
When using a notebook, you have most likely come across the word BIOS in the settings. This tool is responsible for performing a series of tasks on your computer.
The moment you turn on your PC, the BIOS identifies all the components connected to the motherboard, the information saved in the CMOS (which stores the board's configuration parameters, accessible through the Setup menu), such as which drive will be loaded first, changes the processor speed (overclock and underclock) and also checks the internal clock.
Once the BIOS confirms that everything is fine, it loads the boot from the first drive defined in the setup and then passes control to the operating system.
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