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tv buster HBTV42D03FD does not turn on, only BLUE LED is on on the panel

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When I opened it to check the power source voltages, I went straight to the main board, and when checking to find hot components, I found the TDA8932 audio amplifier is very hot and the UT5 regulator is also a little hot. It may happen that the output kills the voltage required to turn on the TV. I just measured the supply voltage of the audio output, and it is about 23 V. And on the UT5 I have an input of 13v, an output of 5v.
pins 12,13,14 of CN4 have no voltage at all
I found a tech bulletin on tv and they say if the base of XQ2 transistor is always 0V even when the power button is pressed then it must be a problem with U1 memory to be recorded again.

Found a file for U1 memory and rewrote it. During testing, the problem remained the same. I will try using a different file and test
I'm suspicious that the defect is in the main board of the TV, I need to pass the budget to the customer

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